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Big Fat Liar

Last weekend I happen to watch a children movie called Big Fat Liar. There were some lessons which I got from the movie that I will try to implement in my own life. Hope you guys will learn something as well.
1.Get a very good idea and keep it to yourself. Make sure you are not stealing from your mate. Jangan jadi mulut tempayan okay.2.Be spontaneous and stay logic. Bluff if you are not sure about your idea. Tipu sunat.3.One thing that you must remember and implement; don’t trust anybody. Especially your bos.4.Set a plan because best buddy can steal from you. 5.Know your rival and make a research and detail studied about them.6.Don’t set your enemy as you’re your distance but stay close with them.7.Set Target to ruin their life in many ways.8.Make a check list and stick with it.9.Plot. Beginning, Middle, Downfall, Plan of action, Do your action and Victory (Phase by phase; show time).10.Don’t be mean to others. Be nice to every single person. Accept them as there are. 11.Get the best a…