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One More Chance (Peluang Sekali Lagi)

I turned around too late to see the fallen star I fell asleep and never saw the sun go down I took your love for granted Thought luck was always on my side I turned around too late and you were gone
Chorus: So give me one more chance Darlin' if you care for me Let me win your love' Cause you were always there for me If you care for me, Be there for me
I like to play the queen of hearts and never thought I'd lose I rolled the dice but never showed my hand I planned it out so perfectly, So you'd never leave a girl like me I was a fool, but now I understand
(chorus, without last two lines)
Here is the law of the land You play with fire and you'll get burned Here is the lesson I've learned That you don't know what you've got til it's gone
(chorus, without last two lines)
Gimme one more chance Tell me that it's not too late Let me win your love Darlin' please don't hesitate If you care for me, Be there for me
Give me one more chance

Joy My Frenz

Its make me feel so envy with Joy. Bahagia bersama yang tersayang. Hari-hari bergedunjat etc. Well apa boleh buat some people become so lucky. And it just not my luck yet. hahaha. What I can do is just to pray that they be as happy as they wish. Another thing Peon be goin today to Aussie. Jeles nya. What to do? Am really busy with my own life. Dont huv tim,e for vacation at the moment. Really cross my finger that he give somethin big for me latter on. hehehe... I bet you he read my blog and go and got somethin for me. hahaha. lol. Just jokin peon. Dont take it seriously. Then about Zul who suppose to get APC. Wow. Congrats by the way. Another big news from my frenz. What about me myself. So far no new news. I keep on congrats to myself because keep on survive in the world. hehehe. Nuthin to say bah. About 12noon recieved call from so call Kak Kiah. Another congratulation to my frenz. Their office got second place for the Quality and third place in KMK. Gosh. What about me!? Stress aku e…

Double Jeopardy (DJ)

Last night I happen to watch DJ after my CSI time. Been watching this movie several times before and till now I feel it was one of my favorite. Well I will do the same if it happens to me.

In case you guys never see it you should okay. About a wife who been accused of murdered her husband Nick and got betrayed by her best friend Angie and she lost her son named Matty. Being sentenced imprison for six years.

There are several important points that touched my nerve. There are;
Don’t trust your partner 100% because you need to spare a space in your heart that they might hurt or leave you.
Always be prepared on any consequence that may arise.
Your best friends are your best enemy because they know all your weakness.
Your enemies are the best person to criticize you because they told you what you don’t know about you yourself.
Families are the most precious thing to have.

I love Ashley Judd and Tommy Lee Jones in the movie. Yet I would rather to see that kind of movie in Malaysia but we still far …

Im Kinna Hurts So Much

Trust me. I Been tryin my best okay. Music Video: HURT -Christina Aguilera

Ayam Bakar Mayonis

Tonight wanna cook somethin special for myself. hehehe. well whoelse wanna treat me by the way. If I dont initiate anythin for myself haram mati kering... The recipie I want to cook must be boleh makan dengan nasi atau begitu saja. Weekend I normally cook many things. But for me myself one or two dishes is much2 enuff. Bahan-bahan 8 ketul ayam any part of it will do. Dont restricted to special parts. 1 sudu besar mayonis
1 kiub ayam
1 sudu besar kicap manis
1 sudu besar sos tiram
Lada hitam secukupnya-tumbuk (Kalu nak pedas letaklah banyak2 - almaklum musim hujan)
2 ulas bawang putih-tumbuk
1/2cm halia-tumbuk (Letak banyak kalu nak buang angin or panaskan badan)
Perap dengan semua bahan-bahan di atas dalam 1/2 jam. Kemudian bakar. Lagi lama perap, lagi sedap. Actually I perap my Ayam last nyte dah. Hmm so yummy. Cant wait to be at home. Try to attach the picture of my ayam later. if possible. hehehe... Selamat Mencuba.

I enjoy Dragon girl more than the Dragon fruit.

Also known as the Dragon Fruit, the Pitaya is a stunningly beautiful fruit with an intense colour and shape, magnificent flowers and a delicious taste. The fruit, apart from being refreshing and tasty, contains a lot of water and minerals with many different nutrition ingredients. It tastes light sweet and it's good for liver, laxative, supplementing fiber and very suitable for diet. Besides, dragon fruit is also good for person who has a high blood pressure. According to popular experience, obese person who has eaten dragon fruit regularly canreduce his/her weight naturally and have a beautiful balanced body but it does not influence on his/her health. Moreover, eating this fruit can stop and reduce diabetes. Hence, dragon fruit is a favorite fruit of many people especially Asian customers. Benefits of eating the Dragon Fruit 1. Enhance the body metabolism (Protein) 2. Improve digestion (Fiber) 3. Reduce Fat (Fiber) 4. Improve memory (Carotone) 5. Maintain the health of the eyes (…

Doa buat sahabatku

Ya Allah panjangkanlah umur sahabatku Kurniakanlah kesihatan yang baik padanya, terangi hatinya dengan nur pancaran iman. Tetapkanlah hatinya, perluaskanlah rezekinya, dekatknlah hatinya kepada kebaikan, jauhkanlah hatinya pada kejahatan, tunaikanlah hajatnya baik hajat dalam agama, dunia dan akhirat Ya Muhaimin jika dia jatuh hati izinkanlah dia menyentuh hati seseorang yang hatinya tertaut padaMu agar tidak terjatuh dia dalam jurang cinta nafsu? Jagalah hatinya agar tidak berpaling daripadamelabuhkan hatinya pada hatiMu. jika dia rindu, rindukanlah dia pada seseorang yang merindui syahid di jalan Mu Ya Allah Jangan biarkan sahabatku tertatih dan terjatuh dalam perjalanan panjang meyeru manusia kejalanMu jika kau halalkan aku merindui sahabatku, janganlah aku melampaui batas sehingga melupakan daku pada cinta hakki, rindu abadi dan kasih sejati hanya untukMu Ya Allah kurniakanlah sahabatku kesenangan, ketenangan, kecemerlangan hidup di dunia akhirat kelak..AMIN-DOA 4 U -

From lovers to friends

You make me cry who care for you. I cry for those who never care for me.And I care for those who will never cry for me.This is the truth of life, its strange but true.Once I realise this, its never too late to change.

in many relationships that don't end in marriage, there usually is a time when you have to say "hasta la vista baby."
the two of you have shared memories together that when you look back upon, you will either laugh or cry.
but whatever that memory might be, once a relationship ends, it's time to say "thanks" or "no thanks" for everything and move on.
but somewhere along the line, there's always the "let's remain friends" compromise to many breakups. it's the much gentler way of saying, "hey, you're not that bad. it's not you. it's me. but look, i still want to be friends with you."
*smile* the question that my friends and i discuss a lot is:can you be good friends with your ex?ok. let's f…

You can't please everybody

Such a busy week. got meeting here and there. My kakak Tuyah. Ur meant to be there okay. hehehe...

In a world of nonsense, everything something is, it isn't, everything it would be wouldn't, and everything it wasn't, was.

Every one of us is born unique in our ways, outlook, attitudes, likes, dislikes, opinions, and perspective. Come to think of it, even if we have a lot of things that are different from each other, we still are set by boundaries, norms and principles for socially acceptable behavior so that we can co-exist peacefully.
Here are just basic things to remember. One is to realize and put in our hearts that we should respect other's ways, outlooks, attitudes, likes and dislikes, opinions or perspective. If we do that, there comes the acceptance that no one has to be like you or you don't need to be like the others, just so you could get along. Do not expect others to see your way. If they don't, respect that. Do not expect others to make the same decisi…