Shall I say something or let it be?

Alright well this is not as complicated story like many will shout about yet I will try to word it as best as possible.
I have this friend Sally* and she has been dating her boyfriend Eddy* for about 2 years. Their relationship is pretty good, they claim they are both in love. Sally gets jealous a lot over nothing, so she kind of doesn't let him have friends that are girls...just because she's insecure with that. On the other hand, she has tons of guy friends, but when he questions them or gets jealous she gets mad.
Now, she cheated on him twice with the same guy and she told him. Eddy got over it but he's always insecure with her talking to guys now...and she does anyway.
So, I just got off the phone with one of my best friend Peon* and he told me that he was talking to Sally online. She told him that she is attracted to him sexually and was telling him what she would like to do with him, etc. She tried sending him "sexy pictures" but Peon said well what about your boyfriend? And she kind of got mad about it. She tells him all the time that she likes him and stuff like that. But I've realized she does that with a lot of guys....sometimes just because it simply thrills her that so many men would be attracted to her.
I feel bad for her boyfriend that he has no idea whats going on behind his back, it isn't really cheating yet but I wouldnt like it if my boyfriend was doing that behind my back. If i told him what was going on I would be helping him out but I would also be ratting my friend out. I kind of just want to stay out of it but then again i still feel bad! So, any advice?
*Nama sebenar dirahsiakan.. mane bley bgtau!! (Hahahaha) Kak Onah HELP me.


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